>The Midweek Mixtape – 4 April 2007

>Mix and Match #3

Getting good by now – steep learning curve.

This runs to 90 minutes and 11 seconds and it must have used every single molecule of CrO2 on the fucking tape.

High fives all round when the tape started rolling at very instant the needle hit the groove.
You know how it feels.

It’s pretty clear that I’m a pushover for a slide guitar – Joe Walsh, Nils Lofgren, Lowell George, David Lindley are all here. Ry Cooder hasn’t turned up yet.

Chris Rea would come as a surprise in this auspicious company. Admit it, you’ve pigeonholed him somewhere as….what?

“My friend put on a record” says Chris. “It was Joe Walsh. Suddenly the sky lit up. I remember looking out of the window at the sunset and thinking ‘this is it’. I went out and bought a guitar and a slide. Instant cure for depression. I was like a child with his first paint box and a blank piece of paper.”

Good enough for me.

Cenotaph-Letter from Amsterdam is – for me – the absolute standout of the tape.

It’s got everything

Dynamics, emotion, lyrics, wonderful Tubular Bells guitar overlays, slide guitar, the raging voice, manic accordion, “My back pages” melodies turn up for “The town square’s disappearing in drifts up to my knees”, clean cut off. Broad Yorkshire accent.

Beat it if you can

The rest isn’t too evil either..

Cliff Richard crawls out the pit of utter disdain with “Rock and Roll Juvenile”, Nils Lofgren stopped me on the spot in a fashion boutique in Oxford Street (aaaah, fashion boutiques, those were the days…), Peter Frampton’s Wind of Change was an excellent LP.

When I showed my mate Peter Wroe my latest treasure – Rick Danko’s first post-Band LP – he said ” You’re aware that we’re the only 2 people in the UK who are going to buy this, don’t you?”

I have no idea what came over me to include Phil Collins. My abject apologies.

But I absolutely know why Maggie May’s in there – it’s the ultimate sway-along-boozing-song.

You’d be down the pub and “Maggie” comes on the jukebox and the place would be filled with a rhythmic wave of heads and shoulders in time with the song.
And then there’d be the 39 seconds of relative silence, swaying glasses raised, from 3:54 where Ray Jackson from Lindisfarne comes in with the mandolin and Ronnie Lane does his nifty bass line, air-drumming and much spilling of beer at 4:32 (because you’ve temporarily forgotten which hand’s holding the glass and which the fag) when Micky Waller boomboomboombooms back in, some more spillage at 4:45 (another sloppy fill from Micky, with some BOOMBOOM bass drum) and then some slurred falsetto hoo hoo hoooo-ing along with Rod at 4:54 and then it’s time for another round.

That’s why Maggie May’s in there. Great stuff.

And here they are on Top of the Pops with the wonderful John Peel.

All as pissed as we were.

Maggie May – Rod Stewart
Rock ‘n’ roll juvenile – Cliff Richard
I ain’t much – Atlanta Rhythm Section
Things – Joe Walsh
Cenotaph-Letter from Amsterdam – Chris Rea
One Love Stand – Little Feat
Can’t get closer (wcgc) – Nils Lofgren
Marina del Rey – Marc Jordan
Real life ain’t this way – Jay Ferguson
Wind of change – Peter Frampton
Road hawg – Joe Ely
In the air tonight – Phil Collins
Love Needs A Heart – Jackson Browne
Taking the long way home – Valerie Carter
Two trains – Lowell George
Don’t look back – David Lindley
Neal’s Fandango – Doobie Brothers
Took the last train – David Gates
Wondering where the lions are – Bruce Cockburn
New Mexicoe – Rick Danko
Hold Out – Jackson Browne
Are you sure Hank done it this way – Waylon Jennings

Mix & Match #3.mp3 85MB 1:30:11

And here’s Cenotaph-Letter from Amsterdam as a separate track. You deserve it.
And Two Machines – a mashup of Lowell George’s “Two Trains” and Girls Aloud’s “Sex Machine”

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