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>Don’t be ridiculous…

> The Firewire connection on my Panasonic DV camcorder stopped working the other day. Hadn’t used it for ages and I wanted to transfer some NZ filming to the Mac. Nothing. Camera not found.A couple of weeks outside warranty. Sod’s … Continue reading

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>The Midweek Mixtape – 18 April 2007

>Mix and Match #4(OK, who made last week disappear…?) Stand out track? “Difference” for utter heartbroken emotion,“The Road” for the segue from Danny O’Keefe to Jackson Browne studio to Jackson Brown live. (Fucking proud of that one. Analogue tape deck, … Continue reading

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>Не спросите мне (about Kazakhstan) – #4

>Back in the corporate life, I had a customer in Kazakhstan.Start-up airline – the type that most people wouldn’t touch with a bargepole but which our sales people used to sign up regularly Sort of like the kids bringing in … Continue reading

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