>Don’t ask me (about Barry Manilow) – #9


The…what?…of Barry Manilow.mp3

– it can’t be the Best of Barry Manilow – the superlative form of the adjective sets “good” as a prerequisite.. –

is one hour and seventeen minutes of genuinely terrifying industrial noise, a sort of aural equivalent of “Eraserhead”.

Like David Lynch’s film, it conveys a chilling, bleak, monochrome dystopia, full of blood-curdling shrieks and clangs although I seem to remember that the movie offered the odd moment of respite, an occasional touch of bizarre and malformed hope. whereas “The…what…of Barry Manilow” offers none at all.

If you haven’t heard it and still wish to, set an evening aside, make sure you’re not alone in the room (experiencing the song through headphones, incidentally, will almost certainly result in hospitalisation) and take the following day off work..

With acknowledgment to Nick Hornby

[Disclaimer: Meg from Nelson is helping out for a couple of weeks. To say that our musical tastes have few touch points would be an understatement. If you’re surprised to find Barry Manilow, Andy Williams or Liberace here, don’t look at me]

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  1. >Hee hee, haa haa… Life is GOOD!

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