Shave for a cure

A year or so back, I got involved in Bloggers For A Cure, raising money for cystic fibrosis research.

Jeff Giles over at Popdose kicked it off to support Scott Malchus, a fellow blogger whose son Jacob is living with CF, and together with a bunch of other people we raised a couple of thousand bucks.

Now there’s Shave for a Cure, a week long fund-raiser run by the Leukaemia and Blood Foundation of New Zealand.

Just got back from inspecting the gorse on the farm (bloody hell, don’t it grow quick…) and saw this on TV:

Pure goose bumps/lump-in-the-throat/blink-back-the-tears brilliance.

No actors – just Ryan (9 years old with leukaemia), his Dad and a bunch of friends

The website‘s even better.

They’ve got Fidelity Life to pop a buck into the bag for every time someone clicks on the ad on the website.

They’re up to about $2000 and Fidelity’s going to go all the way up to $10,000.

So get over there and make them put their hands deep into their corporate pockets.

And see if you can work out out who the music’s by.

Coldplay with Edge from U2?

Update: It’s “The Great Unknown” [listen] by Evermore from Real Life.

Linda from the LBF has this neat story:

They paid for the rights to the music, the band saw the ad and said “Money? We don’t want any money” and gave them the song for free.

Only in New Zealand

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