>Don’t ask me…(about cosmetics)

>I claim to know little (if anything) about these things, but anyway…

There’s a new cosmetic product on the market and the womenfolk around here tend to prick up their shell-likes when “new” is involved.

Luckily, this Snowberry outfit has a limited number of outlets.

Unluckily, they have one in Auckland.

So off we toddle to Smith and Caughey’s, the closest thing you’ll get to Harrods in this part of the world, to do some research.

After I’d recovered from shock, I started working out what this really means in $ and c.

I’m used to the silly prices that the womenfolk sling out of the window for fashion and hairdos and similar, but this is a paradigm shift, as they say.

$225 for 50ml of the stuff!

That’s $4500 a litre.

“But you only need a few drops” said the salesperson, as she wafted smelling salts under my nose to bring me around

Clinique appears to be the favoured brand at our place, so I did an unobtrusive comparison.

A mere $704 a litre.

A deal.

But I think I’ll stick to my favoured brand at an eminently affordable $0.0029 a litre.

Tap water

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  1. >But she’s worth it. I mean, just look at her!!

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