>Don’t ask me ….(about "The Department of Doing")

>The Department of Doing is a tiny advertising agency working out of a Victorian shop front in Devonport, a pretty swish suburb on Auckland’s North Shore.

Never worked with them and probably never will, but I’m still allowed to be enthused, right?

They have Directives that are BFO* exemplified.

• BFO – Blinding Flash of the Obvious

These 2 alone could serve as the 10 Commandments for a clued-up organisation

Directive 3.

Never say, “That’s not my job”. The business world is full of organizers, planners, facilitators and managers. It doesn’t need any more. At the Department of Doing we only want doers. We are about making stuff, and making stuff happen. We are about taking clients’ problems and making them go away. That’s our job.

Directive 4.

If you don’t know, find someone who does. Our industry is full of people who claim to know everything about everything. Without exception, they are all lying. They probably know a little about a lot. Enough to finish the crossword but not enough to finish the job. At the Department of Doing we are specialists. We know a lot about our core business, but prefer to seek out specialist help and advice in areas where we are not experts.

And they do t-shirts.

My kind of company…

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2 Responses to >Don’t ask me ….(about "The Department of Doing")

  1. annonamoose says:

    >Good stuff, indee. Thanks.

  2. annonamoose says:

    >d, indeed, ugh.

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