>The ties that bind


Back when I was a high-powered executive (I think that’s what it was, anyway), the CIO of a major American airline invited himself and a sizeable retinue over to look at some kit that we’d promised him would revolutionise his business, cut his costs to zero, pay for itself within a week and guarantee him a HUGE bonus at the end of the year.

Actually, WE didn’t tell him that.

The sales people told him that.

You get used to it.

So we’re chatting over coffee before the presentation, talking about globalisation and this and that and the other and he picks up the very flash folder that we’d had done for the occasion and comments on its professionalism and smart binding.

“Well, thank you” I managed to get out before my brain went into suspended animation

Didn’t stop me talking, though.

“We design them here and have them printed and bound in Bangkok. Fresh off the press, just arrived this morning”

Nina – over from New York – gives me one of of those “Oh no, not again” looks.

She knows me quite well.

“Yes” I burble on “The Thais that bind…”

Nina rolls her eyes in a “I don’t believe he’s doing this again” rotation

The CIO says “Hey, that’s real inneresting. You guys sure seem to master Supply Chain Management. I’m sure we’re gonna have a long and fruitful relationship…” .

I know.

Irony. America. Oxymoron.

Ties That Bind – Levon Helm and The RCO All Stars from Live at the Palladium in NYC, New Years ’77
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