>Left hand, right hand


Popped in to see the orthopaedic chappie the other day to make sure that Leg 2.0 isn’t in danger of falling off.

Routine stuff.

Waggles the leg around to make sure there are no suspicious noises and then sends me off down the corridor for an x-ray.

Radiologist flossie lines me up, covers up the rude bits with a lead sheet and blasts me with neutrons.

Comes back in and says” You’ve got an artificial hip”

“Oh, that’s RIGHT” I said “I seem to vaguely recall something like that”

“Well, it’s NOT FUNNY” she bellows “It should have been on THIS bit of PAPER”

Shouldn’t have laughed.

I’m sure she turned up the volume or whatever they do to give you a lethal dose.

Not that I’ll notice, of course.

My hair’s been falling out for years….

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