>At least Dick Turpin wore a mask…


Talk about highway robbery.
The price of petrol/gas shot up from €1.17/litre on Monday (April 20) to €1.26 today (April 23).
Given that €0.80 of that are fixed taxes, price variability can only happen in the area above that treshhold.
So even if it LOOKS as if petrol’s only gone up by 7.7% at the pump, it actually reflects an increase of 24% somewhere along the line.
The price of Brent Crude skyrocketed? Nooo, actually dropped by 6%. 
€:$ exchange rate gone haywire?
Nooo, only about 2% upward movement in the last week.
Must mean we’re being scammed by the oil multis
Not that I’m for the collective ownership and administration of the means of production and control of the distribution of goods – that would be socialism -, but someone has to get these bastards under control….
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2 Responses to >At least Dick Turpin wore a mask…

  1. badmanners says:

    >This as close to pure capitalism – you’ll ever get. They own something you want, and they set any price they want. If you want to lower prices, stop buying it.

  2. jb says:

    >If you want to lower prices, stop buying itYeah, right.Given that I did 75 km on 2 days on my bike last week and 7 km in the car (because I had to transport some stuff that was too heavy for the bike), I’m probably doing my bit….

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