Just what WERE they thinking……?

This is a real bus.

Saw it today in Frankfurt and just about drove into the bloody river.

The company‘s since changed its name to Fücker, but what’s an umlaut between friends…?

Reminded me of the story of WW2 Luftwaffe ace Adolf Galland talking to the Great Hucklow Womens’ Institute.

“I vas flying along in my Messerschmitt” he related “and to my LEFT I am seeing a Fucker and to my RRRIGHT I am seeing a Fucker and BEHIND me I am seeing a Fucker”

(Talked like that man Strodel, come to think of it…. )

The Chairperson is rapidly on her feet, bright red, and announces to the mortified group of sensitive souls:

“Ladies, General Galland is of COURSE referring to the FOCKE Wulf 190 which, as we all know, was a German fighter aeroplane. Teehee. I DO apologise”

“NO, NO” says Galland “Ziss is not TRRRUE. Zees Fuckers vere SPITFIRES!”

True story.

Just ask Angela Whatley.

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