>This is overdoing things…


I’m all for a healthy work:life balance (there was no such thing at senior management levels in the Lufthansa Group – the head of Executive HR once told a group of us that it was “an honour to work for the company in that capacity….” yeah, right….), but Jay Farnsworth at Red Gallery in Nelson is taking things to extremes.

It’s mid-November.
The sun is shining.
It’s 20 degrees.
It’s Saturday.
It’s not summer.

The Summer Solstice in Nelson is on 21 December, the first Saturday after which is Boxing Day and then there’s the Big Sucking Noise and all businesses close for 3 weeks, so theoretically we’ll get our first Saturday coffee there on 16 January 2010.

Unless astronomy works differently in Nelson and they declare summer to start on a random date, which would surprise me not one bit….

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