>Rick Danko, Levon Helm & Paul Butterfield – Live at The Getaway, West Saugerties, NY 17 July 1985


The Getaway no longer exists.

West Saugerties is only JUST there, with a pretty patchy historical documentation

“There is evidence in West Saugerties of what appears to be an early 20th century logging industry”(!)

What is well-documented, though, is the concert on 17 July 1985, drifting around the interweb and stated to be at the “Getaway Inn”, although it’s certainly “The Getaway” a nightclub in Saugerties where Richard Manuel recorded “Whispering Pines“.

There are also a couple of wildly creative set-lists drifting around, as well (attached as a footnote for historical reference)

This appears to be it, though.

Walkin’ Blues
Mannish Boy
Let Me Ride in Your Automobile 
They’ll Take Everything You’ve Got
Danny Boy
Louisiana Blues
Getaway Inn
Willie and the Handjive
Crazy Mama
Mystery Train

Set lists
01 Walkin’ Blues
02 Manish Boy Intro (repeats) >
03 Manish Boy
04 Let Me Ride In Your Automobile?
05 Spoonful
06 ?
07 Danny Boy
08 Louisiana Blues
09 Getaway Inn Blues?
10 Willie and Handjive
11 Crazy Mama
12 Mystery Train

1.  Stop My Lowdown Ways
2. instrumental3. ?
4. Satisfy Your Man
5. They’ll Take Everything You Got
6. Danny Boy
7. Down to Louisiana
8. Get Away Inn
9. Willie and the Hand Jive
10. Crazy Mama
11. Mystery Train

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2 Responses to >Rick Danko, Levon Helm & Paul Butterfield – Live at The Getaway, West Saugerties, NY 17 July 1985

  1. Billy Claire says:

    Interesting- they all have the date wrong. It was March 17 not July- St Patricks Day. I was there- and why else would Danny Boy have been sung?

  2. Walkin’ Blues
    Manish Boy
    Manish Boy (continued)
    Too Many Drivers
    Why Are People Like That
    Danny Boy
    Louisiana Blues
    Come On Down To The Getaway Inn
    Willie And The Hand Jive
    Crazy Mama
    Mystery Train

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