>Those strange Australians


Bureaucrats are funny bunch no matter where you go, but for sheer dimness, I think Australian Immigration takes the cake.

Mrs jb is applying for an eVisitor permit.

All very slick, efficient and online.

Except when you come to Date of Passport Issue.

The list starts at ….1960?

And the list for Passport Expiry ends at…2060?

50 year passport validity.

I really don’t think so…..

(My New Zealand passport is valid for a mere 5 years, but that’s another story of imbecility.)

And then you get to “Country of Residence”

German Democratic Republic?


That got disappeared 20 years ago.

Didn’t anyone tell them?

Maybe the letter from the German Foreign Ministry informing them of the minor change (i.e. absorbing 20 million or so people) is still on the sailing ship…

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