My mate Houghton….

…(who keeps on telling me that I’m a better photog than I think I really am…) has pushed me into entering Life through a lens, a photographic essay competition sponsored by Panasonic and the NZ Herald.

All images from Mapua Wharf.

If I don’t win, there’ll be trouble…..

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3 Responses to My mate Houghton….

  1. Rute says:

    >Good luck! Your pictures are always amazing in capturing the essence of the places you go

  2. Virginia says:

    >Pass the fish and chips! And bon chance with the contest. You'll win.V

  3. Helen says:

    The picture of the beer(?) is amazing. I once sat through an entire lecture on beer bubbles. it was the most interesting lecture of my university career. I hope you win.

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