The incredible hulk

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I kind of like Paul Carrack.

I rated Ace for the honest pub-rockers that they were. (I loved any pub-rockers back then – it was like having people play in your living room..)

I tolerated Mike and the Mechanics, mostly because Phil Collins wasn’t in it. (Even if the music was a bit naff.)

And he’s got a great voice, whether he’s speaking or singing.

So the last time he was in Mainz, I really enjoyed it.

Now, he’s made the unfortunate discovery that you just need to give German audiences of a certain age-group and middle-brow persuasion a slight nudge and they’re off like  metro(g)nomes, clapping happily along in 4/4 time with goonish grins on their faces.

Not even a backbeat.


Then he gets them to sing along.

Do they know the words?
Well, of COURSE they know the words.
It was like being stuck in the choir stalls for Handel’s “Messiah”.

With everyone waving cigarette lighters.

And I was sat behind the Incredible Hulk.

I’m not exactly vertically challenged, but this guy blocked out the sun.
Especially when he clicked into Ray Charles mode, rocking from side to side.

In 4/4 time.

I tried dodging left when he dodged right and vice versa, but the folks behind me got somewhat narked at that and started turning green.

They must have been related.

So I stopped that and got a very interesting stroboscopic effect of Paul for my $35.

I’d post a couple of tracks, but the Torrent stream is looking at another 17 hours.

So why don’t you just sing along in the meantime.

And clap in 4/4 time.

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  1. >Well, you just have to be different, wouldn’t you!

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