>31 songs – Part 2


Bought the book yet?

Shame on you if you haven’t

Although John Peel didn’t much care for 31 Songs.

But I’ll forgive him. (Did you know that Rod Stewart was John Peel’s best man? No? Then don’t play me at Trivial Pursuit. I’ll thrash you.)

I mean, I’m not muchly impressed by Ani DiFranco either, but, hey, it’s Nick’s list.

The 2nd batch

6 – Samba Pa Ti Santana 31 Songs

I’ve got the vinyl for this one – bought it in Amsterdam about 30 years ago. Along with “Asleep at the wheel”, in fact.

7 – Mama You Been On My Mind Rod Stewart Never A Dull Moment

Probably from the last decent record that Rod ever made. (Mum’s girlfriend, Isabel Holdsworth (89). wouldn’t agree, but she’s wrong. Even if she does know that Andy Gibb died of a drug overdose..) Bet you’ve never heard him sing “Man of constant sorrow”

8 – Can you please crawl out your window? Bob Dylan A rare batch of little white wonder

This is another vinyl-to-mp3 from an obscure Italian bootleg from goodness-knows-where. I bought the track from the iTunes Store to complete the collection and then rediscovered this. Much better.

9 – Rain The Beatles Original single.

This was the B-side to Paperback Road which I bought at the HMV Record shop in 246 Queen St in Auckland on a Friday night from my pocket money within days of its release in 1966. Digitally remastered from the 45.. Took hours. And hours. And still sounds crappy.

10 – You Had Time Ani DiFranco 31 Songs

Well, no, not really…

But it is Nick’s list, after all

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >A slight correction regarding Andy Gibb. There was no overdose, the cause of death was due to Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle). He did drink excessively at that point in time but apart from that there were no narcotics in his system. The issue with his heart were however likely aggravated by his long history of drug abuse.

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