>Through a glass, darkly

>Our windows get washed twice a year.

Whether they need it or not.

Always on All Saints Day (November 1) and Good Friday (which can be whenever, but sort-of six months later).

Easy to remember

In a less tolerant society, I imagine we’d have a fatwa or its equivalent whacked on us, but no-one obeys most of the myriad laws and regulations around here anyway.

But we were in New Zealand in November and in France over Easter, so one thing led to another and we had the lights burning virtually all day to avoid bumping into things.

So here’s

The ‘oo, who can see for miles
Van the Man who we should have hired to clean ours
O.V. Wright, who doesn’t do windows
Kora, who – like us yesterday – barely can see
Johnny Nash AND Jimmy Cliff, both of whom can see clearly now

Which reminds me of a bet I had with Jane Hamlyn. (who is one of the Grande Dames of English studio pottery and a wonderful person and who everyone should be aware of. And her son Tom Hamyln‘s site rewards a look-in.

And her husband Ted is a fine artist in his own right, too.

She reckoned that “I can see clearly now” was made famous by Desmond Dekker, I said No-it-was-someone-else-but-I’m-not-sure-who (it was Johnny Nash) and hey presto, I’d won 6 bottles of Black Sheep ale. Also worth a visit.

Fats Waller, who does more than just windows
JABE, who – in their infinite wisdom – tell us that you can’t see the stars from inside a bar.

Screw the stars, I say.

Mine’s a Hefeweizen.

And Jeff – yeah, you over at Jefitoblog.

Have one yourself, mate

It’ll cheer you up. (And he needs a little TLC at the moment….)

Illegitimi non carborundum

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