>Cold Turkey

>I imagine that life without painkillers during the first couple of weeks after they fitted the Bionic Leg would have been decidedly unpleasant.

(When they halved the dosage on Day 8, it cut my time on the racetrack from 34 seconds to 46 seconds.)

So I’ve been on Oxygesic 10mg twice a day for the last 5 weeks almost.

It appears that I have developed a dependency.

In other words, I’m a drug addict.

Fuck this.


(Sorry, Ruth, but nothing else really expresses my feelings at this moment…)

If you do a bit of research, you”ll find that the manufacturer in the States was fined one third of a billion dollars for making false claims about addiction potential and reduced withdrawal symptoms, among other transgressions.

And that people grind it up, mix it with water and mainline it into their veins.

And that you get a life sentence in Canada for possession for the purpose of trafficking.

And how did I find out I’m addicted?

I decided to find out what the pain threshold was like.

I mean, I’m walking 6 -10km a day, doing physiotherapy at the clinic and then an hour by myself each day, so I figured I’m probably over the worst.

Muscle pain, for sure, but that’s what you get when you’re stretching muscles and tendons that you haven’t used for 3 years.

So I cut the dosage to zero.

My skin felt like things were crawling all over it.

The shakes.


I was pretty happy when the medication cut back in again, but it was a nasty couple of hours.

I have absolutely NO idea what it’s like for someone on heroin, although this stuff’s supposedly got more grunt than morphine.

I don’t WANT to know.

When I described the symptoms, the doctor said “Oh. We should have reduced the dosage at LEAST a week ago”

So now it’s half dosage for a week and then another third reduction for another week and so on until I’m clean.

Fuck them.


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1 Response to >Cold Turkey

  1. Anonymous says:

    >damn man can u take a pic of the actual pill? I know what its like to go through withdrawal. No fun, specially since you actually needed the pills and were not taking them recreationally.

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