>A ray of hope


If I were to live in New Zealand, I’d be writing letters to the editor AT LEAST once a day.

“Disgruntled in Mapua” or something similarly appropriate.

I don’t (live there), but I do (write letters to the editor) anyway.

This is a country where it appears to be written into law that there must be a plural disconnect in every sentence spoken on TV – “There’s a lot of people here”.

No, there’s ONE person here or there ARE a lot of people here

Where verbs have to to be turned into nouns at every opportunity.

As in “That’s a big ask” for “That’s asking a lot.

Which makes you read a headline like “Poor save on GP visits” and think “Oh, they didn’t save a lot of money when they went to the doctor” when in fact someone slipped up and used “save” as a verb.

Confuses me.

I wish they’d be consistent.

And don’t get me started on apostrophe’s..

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

New World, a supermarket in Albany, has a sign above the fast checkout lane.

“!2 items or fewer”

The sheer elegance of a sentence, recognising the core concept of “more” and “fewer” when dealing with numbers.

I commended them on it.

Blank looks.

It was foolish of me to expect more, of course….

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