>Sartorially challenged


Stuart Piggot is a British wine critic and author.

His 5 Commandments

  1. A wine is as good or bad as it tastes and smells to you.
  2. For wine, there is no connection between price and quality.
  3. Wine is not nearly so complicated or delicate as generally assumed.
  4. There are no wrong words to describe wine.
  5. There is only one error that is possible to make in connection with wine: to ruin other people’s pleasure.

are spot on, as is his oenological judgement.

And anyone who rates my mate Jürgen Hofmann is OK by me.
But his dress sense – even taking his ethic background into consideration – is cause for concern.
It looks very much as if he”s a disciple of the Stevie Wonder method of attire selection, being “Close your eyes and put on the first thing you come across in the wardrobe”
(Except that Stevie Wonder didn’t need to close his eyes..)
Or as Mrs jb put it so succinctly:
“He can’t SERIOUSLY expect me to trust his judgement if he wears a jacket like that? (And where ON EARTH was his wife…?)”
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