>All clued up


I don’t spend much on clothes these days.

I’ve still got all my business suits, button-down Oxford cotton shirts from Ralph Lauren and Cole Haan shoes, but I tend to wear shorts and t-shirts from April to September and then denims and sweaters for the rest of the year.

So clothes shops don’t see much of me,as a rule.

I do have one failing and that’s for cashmere sweaters.

I buy a new one each year and I have 2 fashion advisers at P&C, a fashion emporium.

(I call it a clothes shop.)

In Frankfurt, it’s Frau Hirn and in Mainz, it’s Frau Weiss.

“Hirn” in German means “brain”.

And “weiss” comes from “Wissen”, which is “knowledge.

Talk about all clued up…..

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