>Bastards I have known


It’s an established fact that George W. Bush and Tony Blair are a couple of bona fide ratbags.

Not only did they lie and cheat their way in the history books – they’ve been depriving me of a choice of beers for the last 3 years since the foiled attempt to smuggle liquid explosives onto aircraft in 2006.

Now, it’s not as if Germany isn’t a beer-drinking country, but you’d be astounded at the limited range of bottled beers from craft breweries available at normal retail outlets.
Guinness. Budovar. Pilsner Urquel. Hooligans/O’Dour/substitute Irish-sounding name.

Not so in England. Or America. The north-east bit, at least

The trick is getting them into (and out of) the suitcase in one piece.

Method 1:
Bottle, sock, shoe.
Good: Snug fit, shock-protected
Bad: Constrained by numbers of size 12(46) shoes

Method 2:
Bottle, t-shirt
Good: Availability of t-shirts
Bad: Lack of significant shock protection

Method 3:
Bottle,sock/t-shirt/corrugated cardboard fruit tray

This is the ultimate solution.

Takes 6 bottles lined side by side, snug fit, shock-protected, stable transportation

Success rate: 100%

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