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>Summing things up nicely

> BA038 lost power on both engines shortly before landing at LHR in January.. The usual second guessing of the crew’s actions immediately ensued. This is what someone wrote on Pprune, the forum for peole who fly (or are flown) … Continue reading

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>True Stories – Bush and Koizumi

> “Well, dear boy those things did happen at various times, in different places, but mainly not to me” Basil Boothroyd “Tell me, Junichiro” asked George W. “When do you have elections in Japan?” “Everly morning, before bleakfast” says Koizumi

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>I knew it would be my fault…..


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>No you can’t

> ..expect a tax cut for 95% of the population, an overhaul of the health system and a migration to clean energy any time soon. If ever. But I’m still pretty pleased that Barack Obama’s at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and … Continue reading

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>The ties that bind

> Back when I was a high-powered executive (I think that’s what it was, anyway), the CIO of a major American airline invited himself and a sizeable retinue over to look at some kit that we’d promised him would revolutionise … Continue reading

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>The WTF headline

> I tend to get a bit hot under the collar when I read headlines like this, having friends who are school teachers and who are expected by parents to teach their kids how to brush their teeth. (I kid … Continue reading

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>The Doddery Chronicles #2

> Simon Lindsay was a road worker on State Highway 3 in New Zealand. His blog – RestArea300 – was a classic. One of the best I’ve read In the blogosphere, he was Doddery Old Fart. He died suddenly in … Continue reading

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>Tunes for a Tuesday – 4 November 2008

>   Elvis Presley – (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear from The Complete 1950s Masters Vol 3The Toys – A Lover’s Concerto from Billboard Top 100 Hits Of 1965Nanci Griffith – Are You Tired Of Me Darling from Other … Continue reading

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>"It is now a very good day to get out anything we want to bury"

> A spin merchant working for Tony Blair’s Labour UK government wrote this memo at 2.55pm on September 11 2001, when millions of people were transfixed by the terrible television images of the terrorist attack. Something similar’s going on over … Continue reading

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> Granny calls her grand-daughter’s husband “Thicko” Granny’s 87, so she can do pretty much what she likes. But she’s spot-on with this. We’re all out for dinner and Thicko asks his sister-in-law if she can arrange to get him … Continue reading

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